Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to create an Article in the Back-End.

BEFORE YOU CREATE AN ARTICLE, YOU MUST FIRST HAVE A MODULE AND MENU ITEM SET UP. To see how you create a Module, follow this link. To see how to create a Menu, follow this link.

  1. Go to Content>Article Manager (if you are in the control panel of the Back-End, simply click on Add New Article.)
  2. A new screen should appear. Give it a name in the Title box.
  3. Decide whether or not it will be published
  4. Decide whether or not it will be shown on the front page of your site
  5. Select which Section, and which Category your article will be shown in.
  6. On the right side of the screen, decide who the author is (this usually defaults to your name since you are logged in.)
  7. Decide the access level (which users can see the article)
  8. Pick a Start Publishing Date. This defaults to the time and date of when you create the article. You can change it to a different time in the future, allowing you to create the article and it not publish until the time you decide. (Please remember that the time for this is military time.)
  9. Pick a date for Finish Publishing. If you do not want the article to stop publishing until you manually turn it off, then leave this blank.
  10. Under Parameters, change the settings to what you prefer. If you are wondering what each setting does, simply put your mouse over it for a second and it will explain.
  11. Enter in the content you want on your site.
Once everything is complete, click the Save or Apply button on the top right. It will immediately be seen on your site, under the previously determined menu item.

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