Monday, August 31, 2009

How to Submit an Article from a Word Document

  • First login to the site.
  • Once you have succesfully logged in, click on the link labelled "Add Article."
  • In the box provided, you may either type in the content. If you want to copy and paste from Microsoft Word, first go to your Word document, highlight everything, and press Ctrl-C (on a Mac, press Apple-C)
  • Go back to the website, and click on the button with the Word Logo (should be on the left side of the tools, just below the the help button.
  • A box will open. Press Ctrl-V (on a Mac, press Apple-V)
  • Click the Insert Button
  • Give your article a title in the box provided just above the tools.
  • Scroll down to the Publishing section. Select the appropriate section and category.
  • Decide when you are going to start and finish publishing
  • If you have nothing else to add, scroll back to the top and click Save.

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