Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to add menu items in a module

BEFORE YOU ADD A MENU, YOU MUST FIRST HAVE A MODULE SET UP. If you need a module set up, then please read the post labelled "How to create a Menu Module."

Setting up a menu item is very simple, but does require a few different steps.

  1. You first must set up your categories. So go to Content>Category Manager.
  2. Click New, enter the Title of the menu item you want, select which Section it will be in, and what the access level will be.
  3. Once you have saved that, go to Menus>and select the menu that this will be under. (Do not click on Menu Manager.)
  4. Click New>Articles>and decide what kind of layout you want to have. READ BELOW TO SEE AN EXPLANATION OF THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF ARTICLE LAYOUTS, AND WHY YOU WOULD USE THEM.
  5. After you have selected the type of layout, put in the Title of the menu, what the parent item will be (which is most likely "Top") and select the category for which the link will be associated to.
  6. Once you save it, that is it. You will now see that menu item within the module. Now if you create an article that associates with the section and category, it will show up once clicking on that menu item.
Typically, you will want to use selection labelled "Category Blog Layout." This will then take all the articles within a chosen category, and show the full article. If say for instance you have multiple articles in the same category that you do not want to show all at once, you can select "Category List Layout" and that will litterally give you the list of those articles, and if sombody wants to read an article, they simply click on it. To see an example of a "Category Blog Layout" follow this link. To see an example of a "Category List Layout" follow this link.

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