Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to create a Menu Module

You must first rememeber what a module is. They are the boxes you find either on the left or right side of the site. If you want a menu with various links inside it, then you must create that menu first. Follow these steps to create the module.

  1. Create the section by going to Content>Section Manager
  2. Click New, and label your section. (For example, all sites need a Main Menu.)
  3. Now you create the menu. Go to Menus>Menu Manager
  4. Click New, and label the menu you want to create.
  5. Now you create the module that associates with that menu.
  6. Go to Extenstion>Module Manager.
  7. Click New>Menu>Next>Give it a title, and on the right, select the Menu Name
  8. You also want to pay attention to the Position drop down. It defaults to left, but if you want the module to show on the right side of your site, then change it to such. You can also decide what the access level is. If you have it set to Public, then anybody who comes to the site will see the module and everything in it. If you have it set to registered, then it will only show up when somebody is a general registered user on the front-end of the site. If you have it set to special, then only those who are registered and have access to the back-end of the site will see the module. Those who are only registered for the front-end will NOT be able to see the module if it is set to Special.
Once you have finished those steps, the module will be visible. To add menu items within the module, then please read the posting labelled "How to add menu items in a module."

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